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Treatment on Demand (TOD)

Team Members: Kelly Rebeiro, Cynthia Poyant, Linnea Michel, Rose Soares

Goal: TOD is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by people in recovery. TOD is a grassroots response to the twin epidemics of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. The unique mission was lost as TOD lost its funding and its very existence. The goal : reinvigorate TOD.

Accomplishments: LSC’s Kelly Rebeiro stepped in as new Exec. Director; a Board was formed and officers elected; contacted funders (i.e., DPH) legislators, friends; re-established original office, initiated programs


Mentor Recruitment for SMILES Mentoring

Team Members: Michael Amaral, Chrissie Bascom, Claire Carreiro, Mary Cochrane, Dan DeCosta, Nancy Fernandes, Katje Fuson, Michaela Gagne, Robin Maccini,Kim Parkinson

Goal: To reach out to our group’s sphere of influence to recruit more mentors for SMILES

Accomplishments: Hosted 2 informational nights for LSC Alumni to recruit mentors and designed marketing materials to promote SMILES


Raise Funds for SMILES

Team Members:  Robin Cabral, Angela Johnston, Katje N. Fuson, Michelle Keith, Dan DeCosta

Goal:  Enhance funds raised by the “Miles for Smiles” annual walk through organizing a Leadership SouthCoast walk team consisting of current attendees and alumni of the program.

Accomplishments:  Raised $1,985 for the Leadership SouthCoast “Miles for Smiles” Walk Team towards a total raised of over $60,000 to support SouthCoast mentoring initiatives. LSC Team was 4th highest of 22 teams.

Curriculum Development for SMILES

Team Members: Desa VanLaarhoven, Kathleen Christianson, Deidre L. Donaldson

Goal:     Proximal:  Maximize the opportunities available through the SMILES program to provide content through “curriculum” to include vocational support and literacy. Distal:  Support the SMILES program to improve the graduation success rate in the SouthCoast region.

Accomplishments : Continued work on a “tool box”  of talking points for group leaders and activities for mentors, a speaker series and access to Books through a donation from “ Reach Out and Read”  program at Saint Anne’s Hospital of free books for every mentee in 2010-11 school year (n= 600)


Reduce Dropout Rate Through Career Goals: A Pilot

Team Leader: Ed Hill

Goal: Many factors cause HS students to drop out and students don’t see the relevance of school.  Implement a pilot project (14 students enrolled in the class and completed a career plan) at Morton Middle School – ASP (After School Program) format to help students see the career relevance of staying in school.

Accomplishments:   Identified United Way funds at People Inc. to purchase career software; continued work to reach goal including recruitment through an assembly presentation to all 7th graders at Morton, linkage to Vocational Department at Durfee High School and Guidance Office at Diman Regional, and a bill for the State Legislature in FY ’11.

Class of 2009

Bilingual Volunteers—Immersion Programs in Public Schools

Members: Helena Silva Marques, Ephriam Osazuwa, Maria Pinarreta, Kristine Rodrigues

Be Local/Stay Local –Fighting the Brain Drain

Team Members: Caroline Cuccia, Athena Mota, Charlene Rocha, John Long

Goal: To raise awareness about the SouthCoast’s brain drain issue, while giving young people who are connected to the SouthCoast a chance to network and foster new relationships that will encourage them to stay connected.

Accomplishments: Created the “Be Local” brand to symbolize the roots held in the SouthCoast and the many branches of young people that have potential to grow in the SouthCoast communities.  Held the “Be Local” networking event to build a sense of pride in being connected to the SouthCoast, and a bridge to the many young people who are eager to stay connected.  Whether this connection be in the form of working local, living local, entertaining local, shopping local, or volunteering local–our message was to just “Be Local.”  The event was successful in attendance and surveying attendees on why they value the SouthCoast, building an electronic list of attendees, and using technology to capture feedback from attendees, as well as saving resources to promote a networking event at no cost to those hosting or participating.  The event successfully achieved widespread interest from participants, community members and the media.  Positive feedback on this project has garnered interest in trademarking the “Be Local” brand.

Community Outreach on Cardiovascular Diseases

Team Members: Tracy Gerety-Ibbotson, Melissa Pacheco, Mike Ryan, Lois Spirlet

Civic Engagement Around the New Bedford Master Plan

Team Members: Jill Maclean, Nicole Almeida, Jennifer Downing

Tied to Greatness—Positive Role Model Program

Team Members:  Shelly Correia, Maria Mojica

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    We are now accepting proposals from SouthCoast organizations that would like to receive assistance with the design or implementation of their community projects by the Class of 2015. The proposal deadline is January 31, 2015.

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